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Print-On-Demand Book Printing: A Convenient Solution for Small-Scale Publishing

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By Impress Vinyl 03/07/2023

Self-publishing has undergone a massive transformation that has given writers new opportunities to publish their works. Budding authors neither have to depend on publishing houses waiting for their books to get released nor they have to worry about initial investments on their books. They can spread their creativity and knowledge to the world using a revolutionary concept of book publishing.

In this blog, we will explain everything you need to know about print on demand books.

What is Print-On-Demand Book Printing?

Print-on-demand (POD) is a phrase that refers to books that are printed only when someone orders them. In simpler terms, book printing is done when there is a demand for them. Many first-time authors and small-scale publishing houses adopt this technique.

Print-on-demand is a revolution in book printing that offers small-scale publishers an unparalleled level of convenience and economy. Rather than producing a gross number of copies of your book, you can set your print order to precisely match the levels of demand from customers. This reduces your chances of losing money on overstocks and allows you to easily manage the life cycle of each title on your bookshelf.

Benefits of Print-on-Demand Books

Benefits of Print-on-Demand Books

No Advance Booking

The major benefit of using print-on-demand books is that there is no restriction of booking huge quantities of your manuscript beforehand. In the case of conventional offset printing, you must pay an advance amount in prior and print a certain quantity of books according to the publisher’s minimum set criteria. This is a dead investment if your books do not sell well. Print on demand books taken an upper hand in terms of giving you the freedom to print the required books and in most cases, they are only printed after a customer orders them.

Flexible Formats

You have the flexibility to change your book cover, alter the formats and layouts when necessary. Suppose you discover that your books are not doing well in hard book formats then you can choose to print them in paper back formats. You do not have to reprint all the books once again. Customers can get both the options and choose the format they need.

You can easily change the cover design and interior layout of your book without having to reprint thousands of copies, which can be quite expensive with traditional offset printing methods. Overall, you have more control over your book cover printing and its design.

No More Shipping Hassles

You do not have to pay for shipping or storage costs associated with warehousing your books until they are sold. With POD custom book printing, books are shipped directly from the printer to customers once they are ordered, which saves money and time in the long run.

Inventory Management Made Easy

In any business logistics is the main area of concern. Especially with the boom in e-commerce, stocking the right quantities of supplies, distributing them on time, delivering without any errors in the shipment is a huge hassle. Managing inventory has been so easy with print on demand books. This is because all these hassles are taken care of. You do not need any extra space for storing your inventory, tracking them using various ERP tools to manage the inventory and finally hiring employees in the warehouses.

Sudden Spike in Sales

With traditional printing, you usually have no idea how many books to be printed and how many would be sold. During sales and festive offers, there might be a sudden surge in your book sales and sometimes books in your warehouse might not suffice the high demand. During those situations, print-on-demand books might be just what you need. You will never run out of books and disappoint your customers.

When you should go for Print-On-Demand Book Printing?

  • Print-on-demand book printing is particularly beneficial if you have a niche audience or if your book has limited distribution. You will not be paying for unsold inventory that may never be sold.
  • If you plan to publish fewer copies of your book, the most convenient way is to use print-on-demand book printing services.
  • If you are new to the world of publishing and not sure how to handle the shipping, distribution, and storage all by yourself. You can get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work involved in traditional book printing. So better opt for POD.
  • Do you ever wanted to promote your books in a unique way with signed copies? Then POD is what you exactly need.
  • Do you wish to have some extra copies round the festive season like Christmas or Halloween? You can gift these books to your loyal customers with the special book covers showcasing the theme of the holiday season.
  • If you are supporting a cause such as Peace Day or even women empowerment for instance, then you could say that in your front cover or just include a prologue in your book.
  • Releasing the special editions or revised editions for your books is way easier using this printing method.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for Print-On-Demand book printing services in Australia, then Print Books is the perfect choice for you. We provide a wide range of services and are experts in digital printing and short-run book printing. We always make sure to provide a solution that is specifically tailored to meet your needs because we recognise that every customer has a different set of needs. We are confident that we can help you find what you are looking for!

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