Custom Hardcover Book Printing

Custom Hardcover Book Printing with Print Books

Bookmaking involves a lot of processes, including bookbinding. Bookbinding is of multiple types, among which saddle stitch, perfect binding, spiral binding, wiro binding, case binding (hardcover books), padding, top staple, self-cover & printed covers are popularly sought. If you are here, you are interested in… Read More

Perfect Bound Books In Printing

When to use Perfect Bound Books In Printing?

Softcover binding is the most popular and is referred to as perfect binding. Before we move into a detailed discussion about the perfect binding book printing, let us understand what binding of books means? What does Binding Mean? The technique of securing the pages of a… Read More

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How Much Does it Cost to Press Vinyl?

The price of pressing vinyl will vary from plant to plant and from country to country. At Impress Vinyl, we specialise in pressing vinyl for the Australian and New Zealand market. Do you know how much does it cost to make a vinyl record? The following information… Read More