Bind books using Perfect Binding method

How to Bind Your Book Using the Perfect Binding Method

Performing bookbinding is always an exciting experience. There are variety of ways to make your book stand unique. This uniqueness is achieved by determining the appropriate method of printing and binding based on the type of book you have. Different Types of Bookbinding The binding of the book reveals details…

Reasons For Choosing Hardcover Books

Reasons For Choosing Hardcover Books for Your Next Project

Are you an author or a business owner who is looking for a long-lasting option for your next book project? If yes, then reading this blog will definitely ease your decision-making process and turn your next custom book printing in Melbourne or worldwide into a tremendous success.

Market Your Business with Printed Booklets

Creative Ways to Market Your Business with Printed Booklets

We have all heard the adage that good things come in small packages. This holds good in the case of business booklets. These small, lightweight booklets can pack a punch when it comes to marketing your brand or communicating with your customers. You may wonder if in today’s age of…

Features of using Lithographic Printing

Beneficial Features of Using Lithographic Printing

One would probably imagine that a printing technique which was invented in the 18th century would be out-of-date by now. But lithographic printing has evolved over the years and its modern version continues to be a popular and practical option for printing. This form of printing, also called litho, offset,…

Tips for Printing Perfect Booklet

10 Tips for Printing a Perfect Booklet

A well designed marketing booklet leaves a positive impression on customers. You can use booklets as a reference when making the important decisions. Depending on your business needs, booklet printing can be done as tradeshow contributions, employee handbooks, enrollment booklets and much more. Even you can buy customisable booklets which is…

Tips to Design Perfect Bound Book Printing

Tips for Designing Perfect Bound Book Printing

With perfectly bound booklets, you may present yourself with the utmost professionalism. Portfolios, periodicals, graphic novels, catalogs, manuals, annual reports, and paperback books are all elegantly bound using this style. A perfect bound book is great for booklets as the glue is used for making rather than using coils or…

Benefits of Choosing Wire-O Binding

What are the Benefits of Choosing Wire-O Binding?

We use several forms of bound books in our daily lives from notepads to calendars to novels. Their binding is done using myriad techniques, each suited to the purpose of the book. You may be looking for a book binding technique for a book you want to get printed for…

Benefits of Hardcover Books

When to Choose Hardcover Books and the Benefits of Hardcover

When you walk past a bookstore why are your eyes drawn to the shiny hardcover books on the display? While waiting at a lounge, why do you find yourself picking up the hardcover coffee table books and perusing them? This is the magic and pull of hardcover books. The editor…

Common uses of Printed Booklets

5 Common uses of Printed Booklets

If your goal is to attract as many new clients as you can before a significant promotional event or maybe, you recently introduced a new product that is a fantastic fit for your current clientele. Whatever your objectives are, custom booklet printing is a terrific method to share your message,…